C.H. Robinson solves logistics challenges for industries across the globe

With shippers navigating a disrupted and ever-changing freight market, there is constant pressure to save time, reduce costs, and to do more with less. C.H. Robinson, a leader in global logistics, is using technology and their unmatched scale to enable customers to decide fast and act quickly in any market as well as helping them improve sustainability and overcome challenges in shipping across borders.
The organisation that helps drive the global economy is driven by technology
In a recent survey of C.H. Robinson’s customers, 75% said market volatility increased their need for new supply chain technology, automation, and predictive analytics, and 50% said they have increased their reliance on technology.
As an end-to-end technology across multiple modes of transportation, C.H. Robinson’s Navisphere™ is a transport management system that makes it easier to automate and optimise.
With cutting-edge artificial intelligence and predictive analytics being incorporated in every step across the lifecycle of shipments — from planning and pricing to reporting and analytics — C.H. Robinson delivers smarter solutions that help customers solve their supply chain challenges.
Navisphere is also integrated with more than 35 other Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In the first three quarters of this year, C.H. Robinson has delivered more than 2.2 million automated quotes to connected customers. This has resulted in enormous benefits for shippers, such as elimination of manual work, saving thousands of hours a month, and a 75% less likelihood of being penalised with spot rate premiums. Automated quotes can also save up to 65% in shipping costs.
Helping advance sustainability within supply chains
As industry leaders, C.H. Robinson is bringing solutions to help customers meet their sustainability goals. They are accredited by the Smart Freight Centre (SFC), a global non-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable freight. Their Emissions IQ tool developed by their tech incubator, Robinson Labs, is first-of-its-kind technology that allows customers to instantly measure their Scope 3 emissions across multiple forms of transportation globally and surface opportunities for reduction. C.H. Robinson’s unparalleled data also gives companies a way to benchmark their carbon output against their industry and other shippers.
As part of their commitment to sustainability, C.H. Robinson has also set a goal to reduce their own Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions intensity by 40% by 2025. As of December 31, 2021, they have already reduced their emissions intensity by 36%.
By conducting energy audits and identifying opportunities for energy conservation and using renewable energy, C.H. Robinson is continually working towards augmenting their environmental management efforts.
Overcoming challenges in shipping across borders
Shipping across borders implies being subjected to customs and trade compliance. Additionally, business shipping via air freight might face challenges such as not having private bonded terminals and cargo movements not accorded as much importance as passenger movements. Added to these are delays due to congestion and equipment shortages.
Despite these challenges, C.H. Robinson has been helping their customers avoid delays by routing shipments through different ports or shifting freight across transportation modes. Their Global Forwarding Insights webpage provides a clear picture of rapid shifts in ocean and air capacity by aggregating current market information in an easy-to-access format. This leads to maintaining flexibility, adapting to potential disruptions, and being prepared for the most complex shipping challenges.
The organisation that is media-savvy
C.H. Robinson has been actively participating in logistics events like trade shows and industry conferences, as well as providing thought leadership in media articles and podcasts. They are part of industry forums that focus on digitalization, different areas of the supply chain and sustainability initiatives. They contribute as thought leaders and innovators at supply chain councils aimed at maximising multi-modal transport systems and technology.
Disclaimer: Content Produced by CH Robinson

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